What You Eat/Drink May Surprise You!

July 27, 2016 Beth Duncan

As I have mentioned in other blogs, an old saying goes:  You are what you eat.”  But what I also said before, this has been upgraded to:  You are what your body can digest!  So many times I’ve heard people say that, “I’ve eaten or drank that before and nothing happened, so it must not harm me.”  What most of us fail to realize is that our bodies change ALL the time.


Everywhere I go I see and hear about people using recreational drugs.  Some things are considered legal (and scheduled to potentially be considered legal).  I’ll tell you why this concerns me.  I was recently told about a teen, pretty much like most teens from a good home, never getting into any trouble.  He joined some friends to try something new.  He’d tried other things before without anything going wrong.  Maybe this day he was under more stress than usual, so trying something different didn’t seem so risky.  This teenager is now in his 20’s.  He lives in a group home for the mentally impaired, needing prescription medication to control his violent behavior!  The desire for a moment of instant high changed his life forever!


A man I once knew became a raving mad man after taking a drug prescribed by his doctor to treat an illness.  One of my children (when a toddler) became violent when once prescribed a medication for her illness.  One of my brothers could not tolerate a specific food dye, as it caused him to become hyper-active.  Avoiding foods with this additive allowed him to be a normal little boy.  In all three cases, changing what was consumed allowed their bodies to function normally.  A simple change in medication allowed normal healing.  Not eating something with a particular chemical allowed a child to act normally.  What we eat or drink does matter, and it doesn’t even have to be a drug—it could even be something as simple as food coloring!


Not all changes are physical.  Some chemical reactions in our bodies to those things we eat and/or drink affect the way we think, affect our moods, and how we feel generally.  Seeing a person (especially a child) experience a sugar high is now common.  However, when that child’s sugar high begins to drop, we blame it on the need for sleep!  Adults go through that too!  Just ask a diabetic!  Our bodies change for different reasons.  It could be due to normal wear and tear, abuse from either doing the wrong things or not enough of the right things.  Changes can even be caused by our environment—what is in our air and water!


Food diaries are common methods for people to learn more about how their bodies react to what they eat and drink.  Try an experiment the first of next month.  Get a small spiral notebook and write on the top of the page: the month and Day 1 on the first page, followed by the 2nd on the next page, and so on (August 1, August 2, August 3,…..all the way to August 31.  Each day write down ALL that you eat and drink.  At the end of the day be sure to write down the mood that you feel:  agitated, extra tired, happy, calm, sad, etc.  You can also write down any physical symptoms, like excess gas or stomach upset, light weight, bloated or full.  What you find out may surprise you!

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