May 27, 2015 Beth Duncan

WELCOME to my Mind-Body Health Blog!  People have been telling me to teach and write for decades.  And recently, I was told that I should write every day.  If something happens to my mind, all the information I’ve learned in after over a half a century of experiences, by others as well as my own, would be gone with me.  I want to share this empowering knowledge I’ve learned.  While it is sometimes impossible to give back to those who have helped us, it is always possible to give forward.  It is my wish that what you learn from my blogs helps you to empower yourself by using your mind.

The purpose of my website is to share this new information I have learned, and to give you compelling insights into how we can use our minds to assist our bodies with the healing process.  This Blog is NOT meant to take the place of a doctor.  On the contrary, the purpose is to help you, the patient, be able to work WITH your doctors to establish healthy functions of your own body.  This also helps doctors, as they would then have the time to see more patients—and, of course, they will be the ones to get the credit for healing you so quickly!

My website will give you:

  • Enormous insight into how the mind works with the body
  • How our past experiences color the way we see things and influence our current decisions
  • What Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is all about and what modalities make up CAM
  • How words can hurt:  Words said TO US and words we say to OURSELVES
  • How to heighten your perception and hear what your body is telling you
  • Hope that you can regain normal body functions
  • A meditation to help you reach inside yourself
  • And knowledge to empower you to achieve better health

You will receive the following benefits from visiting my website:

  • Needing less medication to save you money
  • Experiencing less side effects from the decrease in prescription drugs
  • Knowledge to change the way you see yourself
  • Healing your physical challenges faster and feeling better sooner
  • You’ll learn to use the power you have been giving away to pills and potions and start taking more control over your life!