Giving Up My Power

January 14, 2017 Beth Duncan 12 comments

My doctor has informed me that the diagnosis of the condition affecting my skin for the past two years has been confirmed by blood tests and skin biopsies.   Lupus.  And she informed me:  there is no cure, only treatment.  I’ve tried all sorts of home remedies to treat the discoloration, the dryness, the itching:  various creams, vinegar baths, oatmeal baths, olive oil massages, to name a few.  The discoloration and itching that is intensive enough to wake me in the middle of each night for the past two years continues.


When a doctor says “treatment, no cure” that means reliance on medication.  I cannot accept that!  Never could.  A doctor in my past once told me that the next time I had an office visit, if my blood pressure was still too high that she emphatically stated that I would start taking blood pressure medication.  The next time I had an office visit, my blood pressure was normal.  She did not ask how I accomplished having normalized my blood pressure, and never mentioned needed medication.  I changed doctors!


When my current doctor suggested a new once a week medication for his diagnosis of Type II diabetes, I told him that I would consider it.  In the meantime, I would try natural means of lowering my blood sugar.  He has seen that my blood sugar is normal some days, within normal limits other days.  He asked about what I was doing, then told me that he is no longer worried about my blood sugar.


I believe in homeostasis, which I’ll discuss in another blog.  It is the body’s ability to heal itself (within limitations) if it has the proper ingredients in the body.  And in most cases, it also requires the mindset that one’s body can, indeed, correct itself.  Many years ago I had severe abdominal pain when I had my menstrual periods.  I discovered that during the first day of a woman’s menstrual period she loses a lot of calcium.  Insufficient calcium can cause pain in muscle tissue.  The uterus is a muscle.  So, as an experiment, thinking that if that is what caused my pain the first day of my period, I’d take some Tums (They are nothing but calcium carbonate).  It worked.  My pain decreased substantially.  I did not need barbiturates or any other prescription drugs with all their side effects.

Note:  Not everyone’s menstrual pain is due to a calcium deficiency.  Everyone needs to learn what their own body requires, which can be very different even from a brother or sister from the same mother and father.


I will find a way to handle this new form of lupus.  The earliest appointment I could get with a known and liked rheumatologist is at the end of March!  Perhaps I will, like I did when I was first diagnosed with lupus (when it affected my lungs and I was given 2 years to live if I didn’t take the prescribed medication:  Year 1997).  I could not tolerate the prescribed medication, and found a way to reverse what was happening in my body without medication.  Using my mind to improve my body is a power that I refuse to give up. I’ve suffered from too many side effects too often.  I want to learn how to use more of the power I know that I have.

My Motto:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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