Duncan Mind-Body

How we can use our minds to assist our bodies with healing


5th Place Poetic Achievement Award


"Silent Repose" (1999)


1st Place Winner in Dimensions Magazine, Mitchell Community College, Statesville, NC

Short Stories:

"Panic No More" (1997)

 "Trapped in His Own Mind" (1998)


North Carolina Senior Games:

Winner in Literature

Essay-Bronze | Poem-Silver | Short Story-Gold


The purpose of my blog is to share this new information I have learned, and to give you compelling insights into how we can use our minds to assist our bodies with the healing process. 


This Blog is NOT meant to take the place of a doctor.  On the contrary, the purpose is to help you, the patient, be able to work WITH your doctors to establish healthy functions of your own body.  This also helps doctors, as they would then have the time to see more patients—and, of course, they will be the ones to get the credit for healing you so quickly!

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